More of an Autobiography

    I was doomed from the beginning. Born on April Fools day, I was often the target of practical jokes which would send friends and family into fits of laughter. Sometimes they laughed with me, sometimes they laughed at me, but I found that I didn't care as long as they were laughing.

    At age 12 my older brother taught me the basics of juggling, and within a week I had broken two lamps, a picture frame, and my mother's favorite sugar bowl (shaped like a yellow mushroom with a mouse sitting on top). My performing career would have ended there if my mother hadn't found my increased fruit intake (several apples per day consumed one bite every six throws) to be nutritionally prudent.

    Shortly after my sixteenth birthday I performed at my first paid gig. A birthday party. Armed with several juggling tricks, a rubber chicken, and the ability to make twenty balloon animals (seventeen of which looked just like dogs) I entertained a handful of seven-year-olds for just over an hour.  From that moment on I was hooked on performing.

    Since that day I have performed at parties, fairs, festivals, comedy clubs and corporate events all over the western United States.  I have performed as a juggler, clown, stilt walker, escape artist, and balloon artist (I can now make hundreds of balloons, most of which look like dogs).

    In 2001 I stepped on the stand-up stage for the first time.  Comedy has been my passion ever since.  Making people laugh with me or at long as they laugh.